2024 Cool HR Tech Solutions

7 Emerging Tech Solutions

January 10, 2024

By Chris Harvey

The 2024 Cool HR Tech Solutions list is a compilation of seven cutting-edge solutions poised to reshape the HR landscape by addressing pressing business problems. As organizations grapple with the evolving nature of job definitions, the complexities of managing hybrid and remote teams, and the challenges presented by dynamic construction environments, these innovative technologies offer tailored solutions.

Whether you're dealing with the impact of employee behavior on your brand, seeking to differentiate your employee benefits, or addressing talent scarcity and high turnover among frontline workers, the 2024 Cool HR Tech Solutions list has a solution for you. Each solution brings a unique perspective and approach to the forefront, promising to revolutionize the way businesses navigate their human capital challenges.

2024 Cool HR Tech Solutions

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Explore how Beamible is revolutionizing job design to meet the demands of a rapidly changing business landscape at


Business Problem: Workforce Inefficiencies Caused by Outdated Job Design

As the pace of business change accelerates, many organizations haven’t embraced updating traditional job responsibilities to meet evolving needs.

The traditional approach is to continue to add responsibilities to existing jobs which leads to lower productivity, higher employee burnout, and turnover. In addition, when employees depart, companies frequently seek to fill positions based on current configurations rather than embracing a more adaptable approach to job design.

Solution: Dynamic Job Redesign for Optimal Results and Job Satisfaction

Beamible's new approach utilizes AI-enabled tools to break down each job into individual tasks, providing unparalleled visibility into employee responsibilities. With this granular understanding, organizations can strategically reconstruct job roles to enhance productivity and job satisfaction. Beamible enables you to deconstruct to rebuild better. The platform empowers businesses to identify productivity opportunities, create new roles, and allocate tasks more efficiently. For instance, by analyzing the administrative workload of a sales team, Beamible can evaluate and justify the creation of specialized sales administrators, liberating valuable sales time for revenue-generating activities. Without Beamible, leadership might make assumptions that may not optimize the sales team's productivity.

Why It's Cool: Energizing Employees and Boosting Productivity

Beamible uniquely empowers employees to identify the tasks they find most energizing. By viewing a job as a portfolio of tasks, Beamible enables organizations to realign responsibilities based on each employee's strengths and preferences. This approach not only increases individual productivity, output, and impact on the business but also mitigates burnout and reduces turnover. Beamible recognizes that tasks deemed tedious by one employee might be energizing for another, allowing organizations to dynamically reshuffle job portfolios for the benefit of employees, overall team, and organizational productivity.

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Discover how Fama is revolutionizing the hiring process by providing comprehensive insights into candidate behavior at


Business Problem: Employee Behavior Impacting Your Brand

In today's digital age, employee behavior, both positive and negative, is more public and influential than ever before. While employees actively share their charitable and positive activities on social media, they may also engage in behaviors that could be concerning, each with the potential to significantly impact your brand. When hiring, it is crucial to be aware of any past behaviors and employee propensities that could potentially damage your organization's reputation.

Solution: Social Media and Deeper Background Check Analysis

Fama addresses this challenge by utilizing AI to conduct compliant checks across over 10,000 public online sources. The platform identifies nine different types of workplace misconduct, including Cannabis, Harassment, Illicit Drugs, Threats, Crime, Intolerance, Sex, Violence, or Fraud. By implementing Fama early in the hiring process, organizations can reduce the risk of bringing on individuals with a history of misconduct, such as violence, harassment, or fraud. Fama's approach goes beyond simple keyword and hashtag searches to include evaluating images, audio, as well as liked and shared content.

Why It's Cool: Assessing Positive Fit for Your Organization

What sets Fama apart is its ability to provide data to help hiring teams not only exclude candidates but also identify them for a positive fit within the organization. Fama leverages online signals to identify candidates with professional attributes such as creativity, empathy, and problem-solving skills. This not only safeguards your organization against potential risks but also ensures that you're not just filtering out candidates but actively identifying those who align with the positive behaviors and attributes your organization values.

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Discover how Teamforce AI is revolutionizing frontline engagement and cultivating a workplace culture of continuous improvement at


Business Problem: High Turnover and Disengaged Frontline Workers

Frontline workers, facing historically high turnover rates, often feel unheard and disengaged, leading to challenges for companies striving to retain their valuable workforce. The current tight labor market has accentuated the need for organizations to shift their focus toward retaining frontline workers, necessitating innovative approaches to enhance communication and engagement.

Solution: Gamifying the Employee Engagement Experience

Teamforce AI disrupts the conventional approach to employee engagement by introducing gamification into the daily work routine. In contrast to traditional annual or semi-annual surveys, Teamforce AI employs a daily trivia or content question format that transforms engagement into an enjoyable and communal experience. This approach fosters a sense of community as employees discuss daily trivia outcomes, and management strategically poses questions crucial for understanding employee engagement. The platform excels in anonymously collecting feedback while making the process interesting and enjoyable, covering topics such as DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), workplace safety, business improvement suggestions, and ways to make the workplace more enjoyable.

Why It's Cool: Harnessing the Power of Real-time Feedback

Teamforce AI's standout feature lies in its superpower: the velocity of information. Unlike traditional semi-annual or annual surveys, the platform provides instant feedback from employees that organizations can respond to within days rather than months. This real-time interaction results in weekly engagement approaching 100% on average. Employees express that being asked for feedback is a game-changer, significantly impacting their sense of value and loyalty to their employer.

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Explore how SmartBarrel is transforming construction site management with its rugged and adaptable timeclock technology at


Business Problem: Dynamic Construction Environments and Labor Time Tracking Challenges

The construction industry, with its ever-changing work environment and multifaceted tasks handled by different subcontractors, poses significant challenges in tracking employee time, job costing, and meeting deadlines. The diverse nature of construction projects makes it difficult to maintain project timelines, budgets, and ensure accurate payroll for employees involved in various project phases.

Solution: A Dynamic and Rugged Time Tracking Solution for Construction Sites

SmartBarrel introduces a solution tailored to the dynamic nature of construction sites. Recognizing the complexities of the industry, SmartBarrel's timeclock offers unparalleled adaptability. Employees use their phone numbers to punch in, and the timeclock captures a picture, instantly getting accurate check in/check out data to the SmartBarrel dashboard. This streamlined process eliminates delays in the traditionally chaotic construction site environment, accommodating workers and labor structures seamlessly. Using dynamic AI, the system verifies the worker's identity and ensures the use of appropriate safety gear, such as a hard hat, contributing to project efficiency and safety. SmartBarrel tracks all workers on the jobsite, including employees, temporary labor, and subcontracted workers.

Why It's Cool: Works Anywhere, Anytime

What makes SmartBarrel stand out is its adaptability to diverse construction environments. Whether building a road, a pipeline, or a skyscraper, SmartBarrel's incredibly durable timeclocks are designed to withstand harsh conditions. These timeclocks can be magnetically attached anywhere on the jobsite, regardless of weather conditions—rain, snow, extreme temperatures. No Wi-Fi connection? No problem, as Smart Barrel can connect cellularly. Power constraints? Attach it to a solar panel.

SmartBarrel can be seamlessly integrated in any environment, offering a versatile solution for the construction industry.

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Discover how Untapped Solutions is reshaping talent acquisition and fostering inclusivity in the workplace at


Business Problem: Unprecedented Talent Scarcity

The job market is currently facing unprecedented challenges, with companies struggling to fill positions across the spectrum, from entry-level to highly technical professional roles. This scarcity of

talent represents a significant hurdle for organizations striving to maintain productivity and achieve sustained growth.

Solution: Unlocking Hidden Talent Pools

Untapped Solutions has simplified the process for organizations to assess and hire from an extensive, often overlooked talent pool that includes previously incarcerated individuals, the homeless, and other underserved communities.

With over 1 million Americans seeking to reintegrate into society and contribute to the workforce, Untapped Solutions has developed a groundbreaking marketplace. This platform serves as a bridge, connecting employers actively seeking talent with highly motivated individuals looking to rebuild their lives through meaningful employment.

Why It's Cool: Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition with AI

What sets Untapped Solutions apart is its AI-powered job board, which seamlessly matches open roles with candidates possessing the required skills or currently enrolled in relevant training programs. Research indicates that formerly incarcerated individuals exhibit significantly lower turnover rates and higher levels of loyalty to their employers. Untapped Solutions' LinkedIn-style professional network doesn't just connect people; it also paves a career path for individuals in underserved communities.

Customers and partners of Untapped Solutions include industry giants like Google and Cox Enterprises, highlighting the broad impact and recognition of its transformative approach.

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Discover how is Virtual Sapiens is revolutionizing leadership communication for hybrid and remote teams at


Business Problem: Challenges in Communicating and Managing Hybrid and Remote Teams

The evolving workplace dynamics have thrust People Leaders into a new reality where a significant portion of their teams is now working in hybrid or fully remote setups. This shift demands a fresh approach to leadership, one that many leaders struggle to navigate due to a lack of effective communication tools. There is a pressing need for training and guidance to empower leaders and their teams in this transformed work environment.

Solution: Virtual Presence Communication Coaching

In response to this challenge, Virtual Sapiens introduces a groundbreaking solution - Virtual Presence Communication Coaching. Acknowledging that over 90% of communication is non-verbal and that virtual communication is a skill we are still refining, Virtual Sapiens leverages AI-driven real-time analysis to coach individuals on how they are perceived and their effectiveness in communicating with their audience. The Virtual Sapiens Presence Platform provides a suite of options for immediate and personalized feedback on verbal, non-verbal, and vocal communication skills. This provides each individual team member with their very own communication coach-in-their-corner, and gives managers the tools needed to communicate effectively with their hybrid and remote teams.

Why It's Cool: Real-Time Nudging for Optimized Communication

What sets Virtual Sapiens apart is its ability to deliver real-time feedback to enhance communication skills. Unlike traditional post-call suggestions and in addition to private, simulation-based training environments for skills building, Virtual Sapiens offers the option for instant nudges during calls, suggesting improvements such as using more hand gestures (or less!), making eye contact with the lens, centering the camera, and more. By transforming managers into hybrid/remote manager rockstars and elevating the presence of every individual on the team, the platform enhances communication abilities, fostering a sense of connection and value that is often especially challenging for managers in remote work scenarios.

The benefits of Virtual Sapiens solutions transcend team communication to positively impact your ability to become a better presenter in every environment including customer calls, sales calls, senior leadership presentations on video, and off.

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Explore how Wallit is transforming the landscape of employee benefits and enhancing workforce engagement at


Business Problem: Lack of Employer Differentiation in Employee Benefits

The vast majority of companies adhere to the same, conventional approach, providing employees with standard core benefits like medical and dental insurance once a year during open enrollment. While benefits are intended to attract and retain talent, this oversight not only results in a missed opportunity for

organizations to stand out in the competitive talent market but also almost entirely omits the contingent workforce, leading to missed opportunities for cost-effective benefit packages for everyone.

Solution: Empowering Employees with Benefit Allocation Control

Wallit has ushered in a new era of employee benefits by fundamentally changing how individuals engage with and control their benefits.  Improving the traditional approach where every employee receives the same benefits, Wallit provides brokers and employers with the tools to tailor their benefit packages while empowering individuals to take control of their benefits. Functioning as the 'Amazon for benefits,' Wallit's end-to-end benefits payment platform connects carriers, brokers, service providers, retailers, and consumers in a cross-brand global network.

Also, Wallit makes it easy for employers by providing a fully integrated quote-to-enrollment solution for group health and ancillary

insurance from major carriers. Their enterprise solution goes beyond embedded insurance featuring flexible benefit programs for lifestyle spending, wellness, rewards, expense reimbursement, personal finance tools, and more—all accessible from a unified platform.

Why It's Cool: Personalized Benefits for a Diverse Workforce

The biggest cool factor lies in Wallit’s innovative approach to the delivery and consumption of benefits. Unlike conventional one-size-fits-all models, Wallit introduces a personalized system that empowers employers to allocate allowances for each individual, W2 and 1099 employees, to use toward benefits. The employees then have the autonomy to choose the benefits that matter most to them from their hyper personalized benefits wallet. For instance, if an employer allocates $200 per employee per month, individuals can allocate that money to their preferences.  This may include purchases such as gym memberships, pet care, family care, or any consumer spending category, both

in-store or online, worldwide. This powerful ability to choose empowers employees with the flexibility to tailor benefits to their unique needs, but also maintains the overall benefit spend of the organization.

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