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The HR Technology Buyer's Guide Helps You Navigate the HR Vendor Selection Process

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The complete guide is full of amazing insights and suggestions to help you sail through the vendor selection process


We suggest requesting a separate meeting with the vendor’s Implementation Director or VP who can outline the implementation approach, internal resource requirements, and timelines.

In addition, request they designate a named Implementation Project Manager and provide you their name and project resume. This clarifies expectations and accountability, allowing your team to work seamlessly with the vendor’s implementation team.

Having direct contact with the Implementation Director or VP is essential for addressing issues. You will want to secure their direct contact information in case you need it later.

Are They Listening?

While vendors will highlight their product strengths, it’s crucial to assess their responsiveness, how they discuss their weaknesses, and their understanding of your unique requirements.

Pay attention to:

  • Question Response: Are they thorough in answering your questions?
  • Understanding: Do they grasp your concerns or downplay them?
  • Timely Answers: Are they quick to respond or do they promise answers but never provide them?

Simplify Your Vendor Selection

The HR Technology Buyer's Guide provides key strategies and tactics to cut through the HR vendor noise to CONFIDENTLY determine the vendor that is the best fit for your organization.

This guide will change the way you buy HR technology, and many HR vendors are not going to be happy we shared these strategies with you.

We guarantee the HR Technology Buyer's Guide isn't like any other guide and will help you in your vendor selection process.

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Contact Information

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