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42% of HR Technology projects fail to meet company objectives

According to a 2021 Josh Bersin Company study

Wow! What a scary statistic!

However, the vast majority of HR technology solutions work well for the right customer. The trick is picking the right vendor solution to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Why do organizations choose the wrong solution?

Many HR Technology vendors don’t demonstrate how their solutions will meet the total needs of the customer. Vendors tend to focus on how the feature/functionality can handle the customer’s technical business requirements, but not how their offerings are different and superior to the other HR vendor’s solutions. Ideally, the HR vendor should make it easy for the customer to choose the solution that is right for their organization. However, in many cases, the customer perceives very little difference between each of the solutions and defaults to generic criteria for making their decision such as cost, reputation, vendor size, etc.

Our Mission

The HR Technology Advice mission is to match you with the solution which best meets your key criteria.

Our methodology uses the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit to capture the key vendor selection success criteria to guide you to a short list of HR technology vendors. Each of the vendors selected are capable of meeting your needs and enabling you to avoid a less-than-successful outcome.

After all, you aren't just looking for an HR technology solution for the next 1-2 years, you are looking for a solution that will grow with your business. Ideally, the last solution you will ever need to buy.


20+ years of broad HR technology industry knowledge and experience to help you navigate past the vendor hype to find the vendor reality.

8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit

Functionality Fit

Ensure that the vendors offer feature/functionality that meets the unique needs of your business.

Breadth of Offering

Consider solutions that a suite of modules to meet most or all of your HR needs such as: Recruiting, Performance Management, Payroll, etc.

Ease of Use & Adoption

Is the solution intuitive? The simpler the solution the easier they are to use and more widely adopted across the organization.


Embedded flexible analytics enable you to create dashboards, reports, etc. to provide you actionable workforce insights without the need to depend on vendors to create customized reports.

Industry Expertise

Does the vendor have referenceable customers in your industry and proven expertise in the nuances of your industry? Look for an understanding of the industry and referenceable customers.

Support Model

Organizations utilize vendor support more than they expect. Ensure you understand the vendors support model and how it will meet your critical needs. Customers who switch solutions rank lack of support as a key reason for leaving their existing vendor.


Are the vendors employees engaged and happy? Happy employees go the extra mile to create great products and provide outstanding service for their customers.

Track Record & Reputation

How long has the vendor been in business? Do they have a track record of adapting to technology, business, and regulatory changes?

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