7 New HR Careers in the AI Future

November 28, 2023

By Chris Harvey

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) is presenting

us with a unique opportunity to reimagine roles and empower HR to play a pivotal role in shaping the success of the workforce and the organization.

This paradigm shift gives rise to a captivating array of new career opportunities, poised to redefine our understanding of how we manage and support the workforce. The convergence of AI and HR is not just a merging of technologies; it is a synergy that holds the potential to provide us with deeper and broader insights into our workforce than ever before.

Emerging HR Roles Powered by AI

1. AI Data Specialist

Envision having an abundance of data at your fingertips, meticulously generated by AI, offering a panoramic view of employee behavior,

performance, and sentiments. The AI Data Specialist, a linchpin in this narrative, becomes the architect of a data-driven revolution, translating raw data into actionable insights that guide informed decision-making within HR strategies.

2. AI Wellness Analyst

This data deluge propels us into a future where AI becomes a talent scout, uncovering internal potential and shaping recruitment strategies. Simultaneously, it fosters a profound understanding of employee well-being. Access to employee behaviors provides deeper insights than traditional methods, offering an early view into burnout, engagement, and mental states. The AI Wellness Analyst, armed with AI-generated insights, assumes the responsibility of addressing nuanced aspects of employee sentiments and emotions, ushering in

an era of personalized and empathetic support.

3. AI Cultural Ambassador

Today, company culture is challenging to influence. AI provides the opportunity to intentionally shape the organization's culture for

optimized work environments and business success. Imagine deciding the core values and structuring company training, communication, and goals to support the mission, leading to an optimized company culture. The AI Cultural Ambassador becomes instrumental in orchestrating initiatives that not only align with but enhance the desired company culture. The potential of having this

tremendous amount of data lies not just in its volume but in its ability to empower HR professionals with a depth of knowledge that transcends conventional limits.

4. AI Ethicist or Bias Analyst

In the early days of AI, the risk of reinforcing existing biases is apparent. AI Ethicists or Bias Analysts become indispensable, tasked with auditing AI algorithms, identifying and mitigating biases, and ensuring fair and equitable HR practices.

5. AI Experience Designer

Creating user-friendly interfaces for AI-powered HR tools

becomes crucial. AI Experience Designers take the lead in designing and optimizing the user experience with AI-driven HR platforms, ensuring they are intuitive, engaging, and effective.

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Check out the HR Technology Buyer’s Guide to explore strategies and tactics to help you navigate the vendor selection process.

6. AI Internal Talent Scout

Just as AI identifies external talent, AI Internal Talent Scouts focus on uncovering internal potential. They analyze employee data, providing insights into upskilling, career development, and internal talent mobility opportunities.

7. AI Security and Compliance Officer

Given the sensitive nature of HR data, AI Security and Compliance Officers play a crucial role in ensuring that AI systems comply with

data protection and privacy regulations. They are responsible for safeguarding HR data from security breaches and ensuring compliance with relevant laws.

These seven AI HR roles are the tip of the iceberg for career opportunities; they symbolize a transformative shift in our understanding of the workforce. The integration of AI enables us to navigate complexities, anticipate needs, and chart a course toward a future where managing and supporting our workforces reach unprecedented levels of effectiveness and innovation.


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