Paycom Reviews

Overall Rating


Complexity Fit

Customer evaluation of the organizational complexity which is the best fit for this HRMS solution.

Very Complex


Average Complexity

Simple Requirements


Product Review

Evaluating the HRMS solution's success in meeting the organization's feature/functionality expectations.


Implementation Experience

Evaluating the organization's experience with the HRMS vendor's implementation.


Ease of Use and User Adoption

Evaluating the HRMS solution's ease of use and how widely accepted and adopted by end users.



Evaluating the HRMS solutions reporting capabilities and the ability for customers to create their own custom reports.



Evaluating the HRMS vendor's ability to meet support inquiries fully and in a timely manner.



Evaluating the HRMS vendor's ability to integrate with all necessary systems and ease of maintaining integrations.


Vendor Engagement

Evaluating the HRMS vendor's employee-customer engagement and enthusiasm to support customer needs.


Customer PROS


All-In-One Solution

Helpful Employees

"Once we got the right customer service team, it got easier but we’re always at risk of them reassigning us again."

"Our sales rep has been helpful."

"Most of the Paycom team has been responsive and willing to help."

"All in one HCM/HRIS"

Customer CONS


Not Intuitive



"The implementation was completely botched & had to be 100% reimplemented."

"Customer service has been frustrating and slow to get answers we require."

"Experiencing a lot of support turnover. We went through 6 different specialist teams within 6 months."

"Too many clicks to do simple things, not as organized and neat as other systems. System makes things more complicated than it needs to be."

"Reports are challenging. Additionally, other vendors' systems don't integrate well."

Suggestions and Observations

Fully Understand the Implementation Process. Dedicate a resource to the implementation and make sure you know what is expected of you or the implementation could get complex and overwhelm your team.

Replicate the Reports You Need. During the sales process ask Paycom to show you their ability to create key reports you will need. Paycom's custom reports can be a challenge, so make sure it can provide you what you need.

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