Lattice HRIS - First Look

November 23, 2023

By Chris Harvey

I had the opportunity to view an early public webinar on the new Lattice HRIS. Presented by Jack Altman, Cheri Martin, Ryan Hinshaw, and Annette Cardwell

My Hot Takes

Lattice, a leader in the talent market, is entering the competitive HRIS space. There are several aspects of this new product that I find worth a look:

1. Sleek Design and User-Friendly Interface:

Lattice HRIS boasts a clean and user-friendly design. It's setting a high bar for the HRIS competition. It's evident that they've prioritized simplicity in both usage and configuration.

2. Effortless Workflow Setup

The process of setting up and using workflows appears remarkably straightforward.

3. Robust Reporting Capabilities

Lattice HRIS offers reporting features that facilitate easy access to historical data. Additionally, the Analytic Explorer, their visualization engine, enhances the impact of reporting, making it more valuable to the C-Suite.

4. Granular Roles and Permissions

Lattice HRIS provides granular control over roles and permissions (down to the individual field level), ensuring the proper access to sensitive information.

5. Integration Functionality

The integration functionality appears promising, allowing users to identify what's working and fix any issues with minimal hassle. Honestly, it almost looks too good to be true and would remove a major headache for a lot of HR departments.

Why Lattice HRIS?

Lattice HRIS is the result of a strategic shift that places talent at the heart of the HCM suite. This approach appears long overdue and offers a fresh perspective in the industry.

Lattice HRIS aims to eliminate the need for multiple point solutions, consolidating various HR functions into one comprehensive solution. However, it may take a while to reach that lofty goal

as, at least initially, it does not include Benefits Administration, Payroll, ATS, or Timekeeping. No specific dates on when these will be available.


As of now, Lattice HRIS is NOT available to the

public. It is designed for US-based mid-market organizations with 50-1,000 employees.

They have an early access program primarily open

to Lattice customers with 50-500 employees. Lattice HRIS is set to become generally available in the second half of 2024.

Why offer such an early public webinar for Lattice HRIS? My thoughts

Check out the HR Technology Buyer’s Guide

Check out the HR Technology Buyer’s Guide to explore strategies and tactics to help you navigate the vendor selection process.

Generate Excitement

Lattice aims to excite the public by announcing its strategic shift towards HRIS with talent as the core.

Lattice has a strong reputation for user-friendly solutions, and this move is a compelling way to inform the world about their expansion plans.

Retain Lattice Fans

This pre-release promotion helps prevent Lattice enthusiasts from making hasty purchases of competitor solutions and becoming locked into long-term contracts. Waiting for Lattice HRIS to become available or budgeting for it in 2024 is a wise choice for those who hold Lattice in high regard.

Are you going to check out Lattice HRIS to see if it is a fit for your needs?


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