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The 8 Dimensions of HR Vendor Fit

Finding the right HR Technology solution to fit for your organization is a real challenge. While most organizations focus on a solution's functionality, for a successful selection you should consider the
8 Dimensions of HR Vendor Fit. These dimensions will impact your solution satisfaction and ensure you get maximum value from your investment.
Here are key considerations to explore when making a change to your HR solutions.

1. Customer Complexity

The level of complexity of your business will impact which solutions are a good fit to meet your needs. Organizations with simple requirements will find they don't need to overpay for solutions that are designed for highly complex organizations.

2. Product Functionality

Ensure that the vendor offers feature/functionality that meets the unique needs of your business.

3. Implementation

How quickly do you want to go live on your solutions, what internal resources will be involved, and how does the vendor manage the implementation process to ensure a successful implementation?

4. Ease of Use

Is the solution intuitive? The simpler the solution the easier they are to use and more widely adopted across the organization.

5. Reporting

The vendor should deliver extensive standard reports, custom report writers, and dashboards to enable organizations to uncover actionable workforce insights without the need to depend on vendors to create customized reports

6. Support Model

Organizations utilize vendor support more than they expect. Ensure you understand the vendors support model and how it will meet your critical needs. Customers who switch solutions rank lack of support as a key reason for leaving their existing vendor.

7. Integration

Does the vendor utilize Open APIs and simplify the integration process to 3rd party solutions? Lack of dependable integrations between your systems can be a source of frustration.

8. Vendor Culture

Are the vendor's employees engaged and happy? Happy employees go the extra mile to create great products and provide outstanding service for their customers.


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